Dictionary Of Common Foot Ailments

The foot is a vital part of our system that supports the weight of the whole body helping us balance and stand upright. Maintaining regular home foot care routine is an important decision to make to stay healthy and to keep fit. Foot care prevents infections, diseases and foot odors but also stimulates the complete body system as well as relaxes tensed muscles. Almost all the adults suffer from the hard skin which is present on the foot. The presence of hard skin results in pain and discomfort of the foot and gives an appearance of unkempt feet and also promotes the development of some other conditions too.

You can also get creepy chemicals that dissolve hard foot skin –- but using them makes me feel kind of like a murderer, and I honestly find a PedEgg much quicker and more effective. I DO NOT WORK FOR PEDEGG. Splash pure almond oil onto your toes and rub them into your nails and cuticles to soften them. Then splooge a massive glob of Vaseline onto your feet and loosely massage it in. You can substitute coconut oil or a thick, gloopy body butter for Vaseline, but their softening effects may be less pronounced.

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For pretty toes and toenails, use cuticle remover to get rid of overgrown cuticle and apply a coloured nail polish if that’s your choice. Podiatrists are not keen on nail polish for toenails, because it can discolour them, but it can be fine for special occasions when your feet are on show – at the beach, by the pool, in the garden – as long as it’s a good quality polish and you remove it after a couple of days. Coral colours, hot pinks and vibrant dark red shades can all look great depending on your skin colouring.

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Hard skin typically occurs on your hands, feet or other areas prone to friction, dryness and irritation. These areas of hard skin may be painless—as is usually the case with calluses—or they may be painful and inflamed. You can reduce or remove hard skin by avoiding sources of pressure and friction, removing areas of thickened skin and applying medicated creams and moisturizers to those areas. Types Natural Flora – People who are allergic to natural flora and plants can get inflammations and skin rashes even with a slightest touch. Here is a list of common plants to which people are allergic; none of them have been reported to be fatal.

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